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Tips for climbing in cold weather

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it's winter, doesn't mean you should give up your mountain climbing adventure.Of course, it could be a little more extreme, but that's something that thoughtful preparation doesn't solve.Before you head out, take a quick look at our main tips and tricks for climbing in cold weather.


  Simple food

  The key to a successful winter climbing adventure is good nutrition.Before you go, make sure you pack foods that are easy to eat and easy to work with to keep your body warm and energized.Hot drinks such as tea, broth and soups are the best choices.When it comes to food, foods that are high in calories and fat content burn more slowly and keep you comfortable longer.Some foods, such as your favorite chocolate bar, freeze easily at low temperatures.

  Thermal equipment

  In a cold climate, you obviously want to stay warm, but sometimes overheating can be just as harmful.Sweating causes the body to lose heat, weakening your defenses against the cold.Make sure your clothes are not too warm or too tight.In cold weather, thermal equipment has become indispensable. Having heated shoes, heated jackets and even heated gloves on hand is a great way to combat the cold.

  Keep blood flowing

  Along with food, equipment and clothing, one of the best ways to stay warm is to keep your blood flowing.Aerobics -- any kind of jumping jacks or active exercise -- are a surefire way to make your extrems less painful.Before jumping off the wall, make sure your hands and feet are as warm as possible.Shake it, rub it, and do what you have to do.

  Follow sun

  This may sound like a no-brainer, but if possible, try to take a route that is in the sun or has recently been exposed to it.A rock surface that has been exposed to the sun all morning will carry some heat throughout the day.

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