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10000mAh Battery for Heating Clothing or Air Conditioned Clothing

10000mAh Battery for Heating Clothing or Air Conditioned Clothing

Customization:Customized logo(Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)

Customized packaging(Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)

Graphic customization(Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)
Service:Custom / OEM / ODM
Certificate:3C CE FCC ROHS

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10000mAh battery ( Heated clothing or   air-conditioned clothing )




18650 Lithium-ion



Output:DC5.5mm/USB(Type A )

Output power

33W max

Input Voltage / Current


Output Voltage / Current








1-Year Limited Warranty

Products Included




Heated clothing, air-conditioned clothing, cell phone charging


10000mAh Battery for Heating Clothing or Air Conditioned Clothing

1. Batteries dedicated to heated clothing.

2.ELEHEAT's battery is made of high quality battery. It has a long life   span, long service life and very good quality.

3. The battery has the characteristics of small size, large capacity,   light weight, high / low temperature resistance, high security, safe and fast   charging and discharging.

4. High-quality battery protection board, set of multiple protection   functions, with over-charge protection, over-discharge protection,   over-temperature protection, low-temperature protection, over-current   protection, short-circuit protection.

5. The battery shell uses fireproof and UV-resistant plastic to ensure   the stability and safety of the finished product.

Multi-Purpose Mobile Power Supply

10000mAh Battery for Heating Clothing or Air Conditioned Clothing

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Lithium Battery

Intelligent Charging Multi-Purpose Battery

2 (1).jpg

Lithium Battery 5V / 9V Dual Voltage Output

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Small and Light

The battery can be held in one hand, can be put in the pocket, will not become a burden in your travel.

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 Quality Test

  • High Voltage and  Insulation Test
  • Temperature Detection
  • X-Ray Needle Inspection
  • Current Detection
  • Smoke Test
  • Tensile Test


 Customization Process

Suitable and personalised products for
our customers according to their needs.
Professional staff use state-of-the-art
equipment to produce high quality
products in high volumes for our customers.
Professional staff make samples
in order to provide the right
product for our customers.

 About us

Company Profile

Dongguan Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of heated clothing and cooling clothing in China. Our products mainly include heated apparel, air conditioned clothing and other electric wearable accessories. Our products are suitable for outdoor work, fishing, riding, hiking, skiing, golf, traffic and road administration and other outdoor activities. OEM/ODM services for our products are available in our company.

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Factory Profile
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    Factory Outside
  • 矩形 22 拷贝.webp

    Show Room
  • 矩形 22 拷贝 3.webp

    R&D Center
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    Staff Training
  • 矩形 22 拷贝 3 (2).webp

    Patterning Room
  • 矩形 22 拷贝 4.webp

    Electronics Production Lines
  • 矩形 22 拷贝 4 (1).webp

    Welding Production Lines
  • 矩形 22 拷贝 4 (2).webp

    Heating Panel Production Lines
  • 矩形 22 拷贝 2.webp

    Apparel Production Lines
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