Power Bank

Fast Charge

4~8h Long battery life

Battery Protection

High-quality batteries are safer.

Overcurrent Protection

Prevent excessive current.

Overvoltage Protection

Prevent battery charging voltage from being too high.

Overcharge Prtection

Prevent battery overcharging.

Overheating Protection

Prevent temperature from being too high

Short- circuit Protection

Prevents short circuiting of the output, activates protective equipment and stops power supply.

Lithium Polymer Battery

High-efficiency storage, safe and stable.

High capacity battery, long battery life, tiny and easy to be carried.(3400mAh, 5200mAh, 1000mAh and other different battery capacity are available .)

Good property, stable voltage, multiple protection, quality guarantee, long sevice time.

USB port for charging smart phones and other mobile devices.


Various batteries are available, different products can be used with different batteries.

As a portable power bank, it can be used to power heated clothing such as heated vests, heated shoes, heated knee pads and other heated clothing. It can also be used to drive air-conditioned clothing fans to cool down; it can also charge cell phones and other mobile devices, which is convenient and practical.


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