ELEHEAT is a professional manufacturer of heating and cooling garments with ISO 9001-2015 certification

ELEHEAT is a leading manufacturer of heated clothing and cooling clothing in China. Our products mainly include heated apparel, air conditioned clothing and other electric wearable accessories. Our products are suitable for outdoor work, fishing, riding, hiking, skiing, golf, traffic and road administration and other outdoor activities. OEM/ODM services for our products are available in our company.

We have been developing electronic heating technology since 2013 and have obtained more than 50 kinds of patent certificates for electric heated apparel and electronic wearable products, such as heating panels, heated vests, heated gloves, heated pants, thermal therapy accessories, and temperature control devices. In addition, we have ISO9001:2015, GSV, WCA and 3C certificates. We have 50,000㎡ of production workplace, 14 advanced production lines and over 1,000 employees. We always adhere to the principles of "Customer First" and "Quality First", aiming to create a bright future in the smart clothing industry together with our customers.


1. Years of painstaking management to create industry-acclaimed brand ELEHEAT.

2. Focus on R&D and technological innovation.

3. Follow ISO9001:2015 management system, strict quality inspection, and obtain 3C, FCC, RoHS and other authoritative product certificates.

4. Keeping cutomers satisfied with high quality service and creating value for customers.

5. Perfect after-sales service to provide product quality assurance.

Why Choose Us

1. 16 years of experience in the electric heating clothing industry, a leading supplier of wearable heating systems in the industry.

2. A full range of OEM/ODM product services are available.

3. We have our own garment factory with strong production strength, advanced production equipments and customizable heating modules.

4. The engineers in the R&D department master advanced and mature wearable technology, and the designers in the clothing department design clothing with various styles and types.

5. Combining safe and reliable wearable technology to create temperature adjustable and washable clothing to improve people’s quality of wearing.



We attach great importance to the accumulation of intellectual property rights

Our Service


Our team has over 100 electronic engineers and a large sales team,We aim to promote the elehet brand worldwide.


Dongguan Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co.,Ltd (ELEHEAT) is a brand company that insists on innovation and R&D to keep the company growing. Our professional designer team has rich design experience, unique and innovative thinking, insisting on keeping up with the times and standing in the forefront of fashion. For ODM orders, our team is also experienced and extremely efficient to better serve companies and meet their own needs.


Dongguan Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co.,Ltd (ELEHEAT) has 8 years of experience in producing electric heated clothing / air-conditioned clothing, and most of our production staff have more than six years of experience in clothing production, which can guarantee quality. Complete and sufficient machines and equipments (such as intelligent hanging system, ironing table, stapling machine, double stitching machine, heat sealing machine and click steamer, etc.) have greatly improved our work efficiency. Many of our business partners maintain long-term relationships with us, which makes our work more tacit and efficient!

Customization process

Personalized Design

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