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5V Heating Pad

5V Heating Pad

Voltage : 5V (5v, 7.4v, 12v are available, up to the customer’s request.)

Power : 10W 

Connector : USB or DC 

Heating Temperature : Up to 60℃

Thickness : 1mm

Applications : Suitable for various kinds of Clothing: Outdoor Clothing, Workwear, Security Clothing, Vest, Baselayer, etc.

Material, color, size, voltage, power, battery specifications, heating area, etc. all can be customized. Welcome to consult!


a. Using heating wire of high flexibility, high tensile strength, high heating efficiency

b. Stable Production Process, High Quality, Low Repair and Customer Complaint Rate

c. Foldable and Washable (by hand or machine)

d. Heating technology already been used for clothing, gloves, healthcare

e. Power/ pieces of heating panels/ heating temperature/ heating time can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.



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